Find out what it takes to be “Grown Up”

Real World Camp will offer participants a first-hand look at life through hands-on break-out sessions and may even stroll through a “Real World” city featuring local businesses as a new person with a family, a job, and most importantly-- A BUDGET!


Real World Camp participants will learn about topics that affect our daily lives as we know it such as:

  • Budgeting
  • Wants vs Needs
  • Debit Cards/Checking
  • Credit
  • Jobs

This Free Event is open to the first 150-250 registrants (teachers and classrooms invited) within each participating ND city (size varies for each).



To have your school attend the upcoming Real World Camp, submit complete the information and list of the students.

Individual Student

if you are a current sixth or seventh grade student or parent of the child; register here to attend the upcoming Real World Camp.


if you wish to participate/attend the upcoming Real World Camp event as a Volunteer submit your information and register here

Find out what it takes to be “Grown Up”