Maintaining Accreditation

Non-Visit Year Timeline

Fall-Winter Review any revised or new standards
Refresh information on Find-a-Camp
Consider training to become a Visitor 
December Annual Accreditation Report available 
January Review your camps compliance with the Standards
Review and sign the annual Statement of Compliance 
February 1 Deadline: Annual Accreditation Report submission
Annually Ensure accreditation fees are current

Annual Accreditation Report

The Accreditation program is more than just the on-site visit. In non-visit years there is also a focus on continuous compliance with the standards. This allows for ongoing emphasis on quality improvement throughout the entire accreditation cycle. In non-visit years, camps will demonstrate their compliance with accreditation standards by submitting a narrative report called the Annual Accreditation Report. At least every 5 years, camps will demonstrate their compliance through an on-site visit.

Accreditation Process Guide

As part of an accredited camps continued compliance, there should be an annual review and evaluation of the standards in the Accreditation Process Guide, and implementation of all updates and necessary changes to a camps written documentation and practices.

The Accreditation Process Guide should be current and up to date. The Accreditation Process Guide v.2019 located in the Accreditation Portal is always up to date. If you have a published copy of the Accreditation Process Guide, be sure your APG includes these pull and replace pages.

Statement of Compliance

Every year, including the year of an accreditation visit, a legal representative from the camp must sign the annual Statement of Compliance indicating its continued compliance with applicable laws, regulations, and permit requirements and all of ACA’s current applicable mandatory standards.

Accreditation Logo

After earning accreditation, the camp may use the ACA accredited camp logo and will receive an accredited camp sign. Additionally, check out the marketing tools resources to tell your accreditation story. The use of ACA accreditation signs and logos is a privilege reserved for camps that are currently accredited. All indications of ACA accreditation are protected by U.S. patent and copyright laws. To maintain Accreditation and use the ACA accredited camp logo, all camps must keep membership fees current on an annual basis. For assistance with your renewal, contact the membership team at 1- 800-428-2267 Dial option 2 or email